You FEEL me? Tim Kasher of The Good Life plays The Loving Touch November 13th!

Tim Kasher and The Good Life make their return to The Loving Touch this Sunday, November 13th. You may remember Tim from a little band called Cursive . . . he and The Good Life explore some really, really awesome new territory and have a sound unlike any other. Tim sat down with FELT to answer some quick questions in advance of Sunday's show.

If you could have FELT readers check out one song of yours, what would it be?: "You Wouldn't Care if I Died", the first song I ever wrote at age 14. There is sadly no recording.

Tough question - what is your ultimate favorite album of all time?: Violent Femmes S/T

What is the best show you've ever played, and why?: Hmm... maybe it will occur sometime in the future?

Is there a song that will make you cry, 9 times out of 10, if you let it? : This Woman's Work by Kate Bush

If you had a song that just didn't want to be finished, which group would you call in to wrap that sucker up - The Bee Gees or The Eagles? : The Bee Gees

why?: Aren't Bee Gees songs shorter than Eagles songs? So that's why

If you could see one person in the audience when you perform, who would that be? What would they be wearing?: Just Charo wearing her Charo clothes

Any bands you think people should seek out and pay attention to?: Campdogzz

What is your comic relief on the road? A band member, Netflix, prank phone call podcasts, etc?: Roger L Lewis

Tickets are still available for Sunday's show - buy them here!