You FEEL Me? James Linck at The Loving Touch

James Linck is playing The Loving Touch tomorrow at an awesome event called Yup.  Other featured artists are One Be Lo, Nolan the Ninja, Nuntheless, and Dante LaSalle. Make sure to head over to the WAB after the show for an afterparty featuring cheap drinks, great food, and some QT with the performers. James sat down with FELT to answer the most important questions he'll ever face.

If you could have FELT readers check out one song of yours, what would it be?: The Artist

Tough question - what is your ultimate favorite album of all time?: Blonde On Blonde (but skip "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" and start with "Pledging My Time")

What is the best show you've ever played, and why?: I was 8 years old and I played "Jingle Bells" on piano at this charity benefit thing at Cobo Hall. I was really nervous and sweating alot. It made my fingers really slippery on the keys and I messed up a couple times. I'm always a little nervous when I perform but I'll never be as nervous as that.

Is there a song that will make you cry, 9 times out of 10, if you let it? : I basically cry while listening to songs all day so its hard to pick one but I teared up listening to Chance The Rapper's track "Interlude (That's Love)" from off his "Acid Rap" mixtape just today.

If you had a song that just didn't want to be finished, which group would you call in to wrap that sucker up - The Bee Gees or The Eagles? : The Bee Gees

why?: I don't know, they're fun. I sing in falsetto alot too.

If you could see one person in the audience when you perform, who would that be? What would they be wearing?: My 10th grade english teacher. I don't even know if he's still around but he always liked my poems. He'd have to be wearing one of the 70's button ups he wore everyday.

Any bands you think people should seek out and pay attention to?: I heard this dude who goes by musclebaby at a show this summer. He had these weirdo songs that were really emotional but pretty funny too. His recordings kinda sound like shit but I'd check him out live if you see the name on a bill.

What is your comic relief on the road? A band member, Netflix, prank phone call podcasts, etc?: We just talk about how terrible the tour is going and laugh about how we're wasting our lives. LOL!