Man, do I hate service fees. Is there a box office where I can get around that kind of thing?

Yes! You can buy tickets at Woodward Avenue Brewers during business hours, and at The Loving Touch during business hours on nights when there is no show. The WAB (
Woodward Avenue Brewers/pronounced "the wab") is one door NORTH of The Loving Touch. Very convenient.

Cool, but that's not convenient enough. Any other options? 

Not really, BUT..... If you buy your ticket via Ticketweb, and pay the convenience fee, The WAB will knock $5 off your bill, which is more than the convenience fee, if you come in and do the early check in there the night of the show. Awfully kind of them, don't you think? You should totally take advantage of this, because you also get your wristband to enter in the process, so you can skip the entire ID showing/waiting part at The Loving Touch. 

 I hate waiting in line. Is there early Will Call for shows?

Yes! There is early Will Call check-in next door at Woodward Avenue Brewers, which begins two hours before doors. If you’ve pre-purchased your ticket online or at the box office, check in at the designated place and receive your wristband early, so you can bypass the line as soon as doors open. And don't forget, you can show your Ticketweb receipt and get $5 off your bill there!

 Is The Loving Touch Handicap Accessible?

 The Loving Touch is handicap accessible. Or, in fewer words, YES. 

Are there seats? How does that work? My ticket says GA. How is that pronounced?

We recommend you arrive at The Loving Touch as early as possible, as seating is minimal and first come/first served. It stands for "general admission." Just say the letters. Out loud. 

 How do I get booked for a show at The Loving Touch?

 Please email with your band’s web page, audio or a social media page, band bio, expected draw in Metro Detroit, and a list of what clubs in Detroit you have played at and with what other acts you have played with over the last year. We can't say it's as easy as that, but that's where you need to start. 

 Is there seating at The Loving Touch during shows? 

 Our shows are majority standing room only. There may be opportunity for a seat, however they are very limited and not guaranteed. This question is a lot like an earlier one. 

Any exceptions? 

Good Question! During the rare occasion in which we have a seated show, everyone with a ticket purchased will be guaranteed a seat within our general admission area, however location is first come first served.

 Is there re-entry at shows?

 There is re-entry for those aged 21 and over. For minors, there is no re-entry at shows.

 Where do I park?

There is a city parking lot behind The Loving Touch, as well as on-street parking. Parking is 50 cents an hour Monday through Saturday. Parking is free all day Sunday, and after 9pm Monday through Saturday.

Where did I park?

While we certainly noticed you coming into the place (everyone did, actually. You are very handsome/beautiful/striking) we didn't see where you parked. Sorry. 

 What is your policy regarding photo/audio/video?

 Recording policies are at the bands discretion and change night to night, We don't allow professional cameras without written artist permission. You may bring your camera with the understanding that you may be asked to leave it in your car should the policy not allow you to bring it in.

 I can’t make it to the show - can I get a refund on the ticket I purchased?

 All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges unless a show is cancelled/postponed via the venue or band and you are unable to make the new date.

In the event of a refund, refunds are issued in the manor in which you purchased - ie. if you purchased via credit card, we can not issue you a cash refund. If you purchased the ticket online through Ticketweb, the refund must be done through Ticketweb.

Where should I eat before the show? 

If your mother's offering, start there. It is mistake to miss the opportunity to eat at home. If not, we suggest The WAB or The Emory, both mere steps away from The Loving Touch.

Where should I eat after the show? 

Let your mother rest. Eat at The WAB or The Emory.  Both kitchens are open until midnight. 

Can I get an application to work at the loving touch?

Let’s start with this