DIRECTIONS: We are located on Woodward Avenue in Ferndale, one block South of Nine Mile. We are more than conveniently located next door to WOODWARD AVENUE BREWERS

FROM I-696 (EAST OR WEST) Exit at WOODWARD AVENUE and head south on Woodward into Ferndale. After you cross 9 Mile Road (the crossroads of downtown Ferndale), perform a "Michigan Left", which means use the turnaround lane, and head back up Woodward. The Loving Touch is immediately on your right, AFTER you have turned yourself around. 

FROM 1-75 (NORTH OR SOUTH) Exit at NINE MILE ROAD and head West on Nine Mile into Ferndale. Look for City Hall and The Ferndale Library on your left as you close in on downtown Ferndale. Immediately after you pass the Ferndale Library you will see a large parking lot. Cut through this and you will be at the back door of The Loving Touch. If you miss this option, head North on Woodward, use a turnaround lane as soon as possible, and follow the directions above as if you'd exited onto Woodward Avenue from I-696. 

It is way less confusing than it sounds. We promise.


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