Get FELT-Taake Brings True Norwegian Black Metal To The Loving Touch June 3rd!

Black Metal is something that some hold as a very sacred thing. When this music started it was only the most sincere and unholy that carried the torches through the darkest pits of human nature. While bands such as Venom,Bathory,Merciful Fate, Celtic Frost and Hellhammer were among the pioneers, there was a second wave of an often more extreme nature that were birthed out of Norway,Swedin,Germany and beyond. Bands such as Mayhem,Burzum,Satyricon,Darkthrone, Dissection,Marduck and Gorgoroth. Among these legendary bands was Taake. Originally formed and known as Thule in 1993 the lead songwriter and frontman carried on as the unholy Taake. All the way from Norway Taake will crush you with their blistering show. If you're into Jesus Christ you may want to stay home for this one...or not.