You FEEL me? Save Ferris' Monique Powell Tells You How She Feels on FELT Interview Series

If you could have FELT readers check out one song of yours, what would it be?: My new song "New Sound"

Tough question - what is your ultimate favorite album of all time?: Refused: Shape of Punk to Come

What is the best show you've ever played, and why?: 72,000+ people at the Vive Latino festival in Mexico city, 2001. Playing for that many people as they were not just crowd surfing but literally walking across people's heads, bonfires, and people being tossed up into the air 4 stories from a trampoline style blanket controlled by 50 people. I got just as much entertainment as they did. It was a really neat spectacle.

Is there a song that will make you cry, 9 times out of 10, if you let it? : "I will always love you" but ONLY the Dolly Parton version. It was the song my dad and I danced to at my wedding.

If you had a song that just didn't want to be finished, which group would you call in to wrap that sucker up - The Bee Gees or The Eagles? : The Eagles

why?: there are a lot of terrible bands out there...."any band ever" is just like....setting me up for potential disaster of epic proportions

If you could see one person in the audience when you perform, who would that be? What would they be wearing?: Not sure of the question so I'll do my best. If the question is, in general who do i see in the audience? Usually the tallest person that isn't moving. If i could see anyone in my audience if i could choose it would be my dad. He just passed away. He'd be wearing an XL Save Ferris shirt :)

Any bands you think people should seek out and pay attention to?: Not sure of anything current, but if I were telling young people how to fill their vinyl collection, I'd insist on a bunch of Clash.

What is your comic relief on the road? A band member, Netflix, prank phone call podcasts, etc?: Alex Mathias. Our Irish Sax player. He's a good sport, god bless him.