You FEEL me? Murder By Death's Adam Turla Tells You How He Feels on FELT Interview Series

Here at The Loving Touch we've created a fun little interview for the artists that we have coming in to play. Here Murder By Death's Adam Turla gives you his answers to the interview! Thanks Adam! Don't Forget to come see Murder By Death Play here on Friday November 4th!

If you could have FELT readers check out one song of yours, what would it be?: Hhmmmm Comin' Home or Oh To Be An Animal or Shiola

Tough question - what is your ultimate favorite album of all time?: Rise and fall of Ziggy stardust by Bowie

What is the best show you've ever played, and why?: Played a great show in Mccarthy, Alaska population 20, and 150 people showed up and partied with us in a little bar. WE had to ride a military truck loaded with our gear across a river to get to the town, then went ice climbing on a glacier the next day.

Is there a song that will make you cry, 9 times out of 10, if you let it? : Fairytale of New York by the Pogues makes me so sad/happy at the same time

If you had a song that just didn't want to be finished, which group would you call in to wrap that sucker up? : Any other band ever.

why?: I'd get someone with a darker edge. I respond more to artists who push boundaries rather than just fit in

If you could see one person in the audience when you perform, who would that be? What would they be wearing?:Prince, wearing David Bowie's italian opera clown outfit

Any bands you think people should seek out and pay attention to?: Twin Limb WHO IS PLAYING OUR SHOW THIS FRIDAY

What is your comic relief on the road? A band member, Netflix, prank phone call podcasts, etc?: Patton Oswalt routines on the van stereo keep us sane